Saturday, 29 January 2011

Lunch break

While on lunch break today, i was smoking a little wake me up J, when the police, on patrol, was sighted. As all high people who see police i started to panic, I threw my j on the floor and scraped it until i was sure it was ripped into shreds underneath my foot. I put on my Coolface.jpg and casually nodded to them. They walked past, with faces showing no emotion, and that's when the anxiety hit me. I ran. I ran faster then I ever ran before, it was exhilarating hadn't felt this young since I was 16. Now I'm running through the back roads of where i work ( a city based firm), i hadn't been this deep in to the areas so i had to improvise, running through estates while hearing police man try and shout me down, long story short, the estate I decided to run through was a crime ridden one, and a police car shut me down on the other side, with nothing actually incriminating on me, they decided they'd had to let me go, when asked why i started running i was simply lost for words and answered why not? Long story short guys, if you are blazing some of that endo and you see the local force, please just keep it cool, especially if they haven't started asking questions.

Monday, 24 January 2011


I am The Dank Man and this is my introduction to the world of Blogging. so we will start with some FAQ.
What the F*** are you doing here on blogspot?
I started an account after partaking in forums. i noticed i was the one starting most of the threads and thought you know what i could bring my ideas to blogspot.
The Dank Man? if I didnt know any better you're just a drug addict, 
why should I be intrested in your blog?
Yes my Alias The Dank Man has been perpetrated from the social drug of marijuana. I am not a drug addict, i socially smoke marijuana and have never touched anything else.
OK, Mr Dank Man what kind of material will your blog contain?
Its THE Dank Man not Mr, and My blog will contain a whole heap of diffrent things, from stoner guides to stoner storys, ways how to make money online and tips and tricks of life.
I want you to see me as an uncle, an uncle you can ask anything and i will try my best to aid you.