Wednesday, 16 February 2011

To my followers

To all my followers, first of all I owe you an apology, sorry.
I am sorry for not tuning into your blogs, which probably have had some great posts.
My reason for this is shameful, and I do not want you to think I have differed, I am still the same DankMan you all know and love.
This story begins in California, land of the smokers, Me and My buddy Derek, took a car journey there. We decided to stay there for a couple of nights and went to stay at an old stoner-friends house. We partook in stoner activities such as smoking bowls, J's and eating, alot. after a few days of playing catch up, me and Derek, loved the weed from Cali so much, we decided to buy a few ounces, and by when I say a few ounces I mean 9 ounces. So we said farewell to our old stoner buddy, and made our way back home. on the freeway doing 89 on the 90 and guess who was on our tail, thats right. the police. After a quick talk he asked me to step out of the vehicle, heart pumping, I listened and tried to act casual, he told me he could smell weed in the car and asked for a search of my vehicle, to which I refused.
Just to my luck, canine unit was local and decided to bring their mutt for a sniff, after 20 minutes of sweating shaking and giving my buddy Derek THAT look. we ended up in county jail, with nobody on the outside world answering their phones (Assholes), therefore nobody on the outside to post us bail, we was quite litterally, screwed.
Our hearing was yesterday, and we beat the charge of attempting to distribute marijuana.
but pleaded guilty to personal use, to which we got a $600 fine and 12 days of jail time, which we didnt even receive an apology for.
Long story short. do not pick up nine ounces!


  1. Yeah man, don't carry so much around especially when driving. Luckily Cali laws aren't as strict as some other places, you would've been completely fucked.

  2. nice getaway though, 9 ounces and you're not in Federal Prison? lucky.

  3. feels good man. I think I just read your post but with Jim Breuer's character from Half-Baked.


    Guy on the rock.